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About Me

Welcome to my photography world, where I turn every snap into a story. I’m Kanwal Ghulam Nabi, a female photographer in Dubai and cinematographer with a serious love for visual storytelling. My journey behind the lens has been pretty wild, with all sorts of experiences that have made me sharper and more creative. From capturing amazing moments to coming up with fresh ideas, I’m all about pushing the storytelling boundaries.


Passion and Skills

I’ve honed my skills over the years, diving into photography, cinematography, and content creation. My thing is getting emotions and stories across visually. I wear many hats, from fashion and product photography to wedding photographer, content creation, and being a visual storyteller extraordinaire. Plus, I’ve got some extra skills up my sleeve, like event management, PR, and leadership, which help me go above and beyond with post-production and brainstorming creative concepts.


Female Photographer in Dubai

I’m not just any photographer in Dubai, I’m the female photographer in Dubai. I’m all about capturing the vibe through my lens. Whether you need some pro photography in Dubai for Fashion Film, Product videography or a wedding photographer for your special day, I’m here to make your vision pop. My portfolio’s filled with diverse beauty. Get in touch and let’s chat about how I can make your photo dreams come true.


Wedding Photography in Dubai

Speaking of weddings, I’m not only an expert in photography but also a seasoned female wedding photographer in Dubai. I specialize in capturing the magic and love that radiates from your special day. Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion and the memories you make are priceless. If you’re in search of a wedding photographer who can beautifully preserve your wedding moments, look no further. Your love story deserves to be told through the lens of an experienced photographer who understands the significance of this momentous occasion. Let’s chat about how we can make your wedding day unforgettable!


My Journey So Far

My career’s been quite the ride, working with all sorts of clients and projects:

  • Freelancing in Karachi, Pakistan and Dubai, UAE with Kanwal Ghulam Nabi Films, I’ve covered everything from wedding events, cooperate events to food, fashion and film. I always keep it professional and make sure the client’s part of the process, from start to post-production.
  • As a Senior Visual Storyteller at Bays International, I’ve worked on cool concepts that match brand identities and goals. My job was to create captivating visuals, from videos to animations, graphics, and illustrations, all telling brand stories like a boss.
  • I’ve headed up Communications for the Legal Rights Forum Organization, where I managed a team of communication, PR, and design pros. We’ve rocked events and conferences for the American Bar Association and even pushed for Child Domestic Labor Legislation in Sindh.
  • At Soorty Enterprises Pvt Ltd, I was the Senior Communications Officer, creating communication strategies and running events to boost corporate communication and the company’s public image. I played a major role in crafting awesome content for the Social Responsibility Communications department.
  • My time at Mind Map Communications as the Head Cinematographer involved directing and producing all sorts of content, from fashion films to documentaries and commercials. I also made sure the post-production process was on point and built great relationships with clients and colleagues.
  • I got my start as an Assistant Director at The Hyper Breed Studio, kicking off my adventure in the visual world.


Education and Wins

I’ve got a Bachelor’s in Media Science from Iqra University and a Diploma in Visual Arts from the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture. I’ve been recognized for my commitment to excellence, scoring Runner-up in the Hum Aawaz Photo Competition in 2018 and the Runner-up in the Nikon Photography Competition in 2012.


Explore My Portfolio

If you want to see the world through my lens, check out my portfolio. You’ll find some killer work in fashion, product, and travelogue photography and cinematography. Click Here for Show Reel.

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